How We Work

Basically, we try to only spend money where it is needed. We will use industry standard or guerrilla film making techniques as required but be assured that we will always have both eyes on quality. We also have some custom made equipment to reduce our hire costs.

A Typical Multicam Package:

  • 6 camera shoot with direction via gallery and talkback
  • 24 track audio record, fix and stereo mix
  • Edit and grade of concert (up to 90 in length)
  • DVD on body and cover artwork, author, and glass master
  • 1st run duplication of 1000 shrink wrapped DVDs
  • Teaser trailer
  • 3 month turn around
  • £8,000.

We can add more cameras, a crane, mix in 5.1, etc, etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. For bands that need to spread the cost of a production we offer a profit sharing deal. If you would like to take this route, you can start by contacting us. Full terms are available on request.

Further common information can be found in our FAQ.

Filming at Loreley 2010